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Tech, Music, The Future, AI & other 💎

Tech, Music, The Future, AI & other 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #9 • View online
Hey guys! 
It’s officially December. Wow, how does the time fly, huh? Makes you think about everything that you’ve done in the past year. Well, what I can say is that it’s been quite the exciting month for Revue. We made it to NYC and pitched Revue at The Next Web Scale event. Recently, we also started working with Awkward on a really cool project that’s kind of a surprise for all of you 😉
Busy bees, right? I know 😊 Follow us on social media to be up to date with what we’re up to! 🎊
Last but not least, at the moment we’re also conducting a fun little research on how journalism has changed over the years. So if by any chance you happen to be a journalist, a blogger or a writer of any sort, please spread some kindness today and take 2 minutes to fill out a few questions. Let me know that you filled it out by simply hitting reply and I’ll personally say thank you ❤️

If you’re into Design, Computation and just Technology in general, this is the digest for you. In their latest issue, TGIC talk about data mapping & visualization, machine learning, smart cities and learning overall. It’s the perfect newsletter to open and find the coolest, most relevant articles about those topics. Christmas came early, eh? 🎁
Thank God It's Computational
Calling all the creatives out there! I personally am fascinated with the art that advertising is, so for me this digest is the perfect way to learn and stay up to date with what’s happening in the field. In The Next Gag’s issues you get to see ads of the week, which let me tell you, can be super interesting for absolutely everyone! There’s also a section that informs you about everything award-related to advertising. It’s pure joy to open the new issue every time 😍 
That’s a personal favorite of mine. I might be a bit biased since I know the curator in real life, but that’s how I also know how much effort, time and attention goes into the creation of each issue. Bas curates regularly about music, media & tech and how those 3 are interconnected. He has a unique perspective on things though-a very futuristic mindset which reflects on his style of curating. It makes this newsletter that much more special and worth your time. In his latest issue you can find pieces that make you think, articles on the digital media space and of course, music. This digest is the perfect example of curation that is done with a substantial amount of passion and backed up by loads of knowledge 👏
#43: Building vs Creating 🛠 | AI & music's future 🤖 | Online fan wars 🖕 | Fan interaction & live shows 📱
Speaking of passionate curation, same goes for Nathan. He is such an expert when it comes to artificial intelligence so you can look at his digest as a valuable source that you can learn so much from and at the same time be engaged. His issues remind me of a cool encyclopedia that you actually want to read from the first to the last word. A captivating digest that you will just sit and finish in one go. Check out his latest issue to learn about technology, trends and opinions; the future and the latest news in research, development and resources. 😎
Nathan Benaich
So far, Notable iOS apps have only one issue, but I already know their digest is going to be a successful one. It’s a simple concept, yet a brilliant one. Plus, similarly to me, they also look for gems. Only difference is they hunt down the best iOS apps. This is what you can expect from their first issue:
In the first issue you can find 6 apps that will: take care of your finance, motivate you to workout and keep track of your health, improve your email experience, connect you with fellow board gamers and develop your coginitive skills.
Notable iOS apps | Revue
Hope you enjoyed this issue, see you in 2 weeks! 😊🎊
Hope you enjoyed this issue, see you in 2 weeks! 😊🎊
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Curated with ❤️ by Vessie from Revue.
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