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Tech, Media, Parenting and other 💎

Tech, Media, Parenting and other 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #13 • View online
Hey guys! 
Hope this newsletter finds you well! This issue is all about personal newsletters and their skilled curators. Staying informed on different topics is extremely important. Plus, we get more time to read inside under the cozy blanket while it’s so cold outside! 😜
I’d love to hear your thoughts on what would you like to see more of in this digest? Mainly, how can I make this newsletter more valuable to you? Feel free to reply to this email and let me know if you have anything in mind 😊

At Revue, tech is really our sweet spot. So it happens, it’s mine too. That’s why every time I stumble upon a really cool digest that has to do with tech, I get super excited. The Bytes is one of the newsletters I’m really psyched about. Their digest is about bringing all the important tech readings right to your inbox. They discuss the latest happenings in the tech industry and talk about what it means and why you should care. Keep up the great job guys, excited to read your new issues! 💪
Twitter Fingers Turn to Trigger Fingers (The Bytes Newsletter #2)
This digest has a unique concept. It’s strictly dedicated to the energy economy. I just love it when people focus on something they are really passionate about and curate about it because you always gain so much value as a reader. The writing style of John McGrath and the engaging nature of his newsletter really does make you want to read and educate yourself even more on the matter of the new energy economy! His latest issue is “the China edition”. 👌 Did you know that:
China leads the world in solar panel production, wind turbine production, installed wind power capacity, and installed solar capacity.
New Energy Economy #4
To all the parents out there! You live busy and stressful lives as it is and I can imagine you want to spend as much quality time with your little ones as possible. That’s why Robert at Parent Picked can give you some advice on how to optimize that time with your bundles of joy. He also provides so much helpful and awesome content each time on how to deal with parenthood and become better at it! 😊
Problem Solved on Parenting #31
Daron in his words is “Film, TV & VR Guy, Comical Genius, Founder, NY Film Loft” and a blogger on top of everything. Wow, talk about true inspiration! His digest includes super interesting articles on topics that have to do with media whether it will be about journalism, different networks or engaging stories. If you follow him on social media, you should also subscribe to his newsletter because he includes all important updates about his events in there! I see Daron as someone who you can learn plenty from and his digest is step one to doing that 🙌
Daron's Media Daily
Media and Press
We gotta stay updated and current on what’s happening in the media world, guys! Amanda has a large readership and there’s a reason for that. In her issues she discusses relevant political issues, technology, press requests and so much more! I’m glad I found her digest since she’s an absolute professional and you can learn so much from her by following her newsletter! 😎 
Amanda Lorenzani
Always a pleasure! 'Till next time 😜
Always a pleasure! 'Till next time 😜
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