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Tech, Coffee, Investing & other 💎s
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #23 • View online
Hey y'all! 👋
How is summer treating you? Getting into the vacation mode already? 
Well, in case you are, you might want to explore some newsletters that could make your summer (and everyday-life for that matter) better by providing you with some class A quality content on different topics. 
But before we get to it, I’m happy as always to update you on some of the articles we’ve been working on. If you’re looking for some good newsletters about lifestyle and culture to subscribe to, you should check out our carefully curated selection of digests here. Also, if you’re wondering how to better keep track of your sources, you might want to read about our tip here. Oh, and have you integrated with Pocket yet? And last but definitely not least, if you’re looking for some good newsletters that will make you day better by urging you to learn about something new with every issue, we collected some of the best ones here
Stay awesome! ❤️

Even though tech is a broad category, this digest is focused on the tech scene, founders, startups, product management and everything that goes with it. What makes Andy‘s newsletter even more important is the fact that he focuses a lot on something that is not spoken about that often in the tech world, namely people with different backgrounds. He has set out to bring more awareness about the matter with his carefully selected content, which makes the digest that much more valuable. Besides that, inside you’ll find plenty of great materials on tools, investing and startups in general. Go Andy! 💪 
Andy Ayim
This is a weekly roundup of Kasper‘s “favorite startup 🚀, marketing 🎯 & personal growth 💪 content”. Kasper is a growth marketer and a great one at that. He’s part of the dream team that runs Bamboe (global online marketing agency) and he’s eager to share some really cool articles he’s stumbled upon each week regarding marketing tips & tricks, personal growth advice and ideas on how to grow your business. 🎁
Kasper Vancoppenolle 💩
David Lee is managing partner at Refactor, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in founders solving fundamental human problems. He’s previously helped start the New Business Development Group at Google and has some other impressive achievements throughout his career. His first newsletter is out and we couldn’t be more thrilled he’s using Revue to do so! His digest includes articles about business, humor, tech and some other miscellaneous things. Sign up! 🔥 
David Lee
Sprudge is an international coffee publication based in Portland, Oregon. This coffee community has a large following and the newsletter contains news & culture section for coffee (duh!), recommended cafès, news about the coffee world from outside the coffee world, Sprudge’s latest podcast episode and a whole section at the end about job openings. So coffee lovers, I think you just might become obsessed with this one! ☕️
VC & Investing
Steve Harmon is an internet entrepreneur, but has priceless experience in various fields like VC, Product Management, TV & Media and so much more (you can check out his profile in detail here). He predicted that the internet will change our world and he also knew that some of the companies like Amazon would make it big. Advisor to large businesses worldwide, his input and vision can be interesting to anyone involved in tech, VC and/or investing. His newsletter is mostly about thoughts he has, insights he likes to share on the topics and brief updates of what is happening in the world of VC, capital, tech & trends. 🖊️
Steve Harmon
Latteeerzz! 😜
Latteeerzz! 😜
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