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Personal development, Marketing, Growth & other 💎s
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #22 • View online
Hey guys! How have you been? Can you believe it’s almost summer? Me neither. Time passes by so incredibly fast. In the past couple of weeks, we managed to attend The Next Web conference and it was a total blast! We also got to finally meet Ryan Hoover at the Product Hunt meetup hosted in Amsterdam (you can read more about the event in Ryan’s latest issue)! We also focused on writing some articles that you might find useful, hoping that indeed they’ll manage to either help you out or at least inspire you! 😊 First, we put together a nice selection of newsletters for people who love music and continued with part 3 of our series about lifestyle & culture newsletters.  Martijn also shared valuable lessons he learned when building Revue that are applicable to any (striving) entrepreneur. It was about time I sat down to write about the story of one of my favorite inspirational newsletters - Lenny Letter. Meanwhile, we interviewed one of our experienced users Erman Taylan for Inbox Talks and we spoke about his newsletter, email in general and more! He currently works for the Turkish version of TechCrunch, Webrazzi and you should totally take a look at the interview since he shares some interesting insights! This week’s newsletter selection offers variety, so let’s get to it! 😜 

Personal development and society
Jordan‘s all about helping you grow as a person with a weekly shot of reality. He curates about different stories on self-improvement, business & society by trying to give it to you straight and avoiding Silicon Valley lingo. If you want to challenge yourself to be better in different areas of your life, Jordan will do his best to provide you with useful materials to get you to adapt the winner’s mindset. 🙌
Grow With Jordan
Continuing on the topic of self-improvement and development, Justin‘s digest fits in quite nicely! But his concept is a bit different. He sends out a very short daily email that resembles a journal entry. Given that Justin is a visionary, each day he writes about what’s on his mind within a few brief sentences which will for sure stimulate you to think about the bigger picture. Sometimes, you’ll also find additional items, linking to a variety of helpful sources. ✌️
Laurie Wang is a freelance content crafter and a digital marketer. She has plenty of experience with digital marketing, social media, digital leadership. Currently she’s based at Google, as a freelance digital marketing consultant. She handpicks the most practical materials concerning these topics, divides them in sections and in one paragraph summarizes the biggest takeaway from the recommended piece. It’s a structured collection of resources that will turn you into a marketing-savvy beast. 💪
The Marketing Insider
Personal Growth
As I said in the intro, this issue offers a somewhat different selection from the usual solely tech and business-oriented newsletters. And I like that. Jeremy‘s digest is not focused only on one topic, but personal growth overall. It’s a beautiful mixture of business talk, philosophy, handy tools & human progress. Everything’s carefully curated with the purpose of helping you learn. Plus, Jeremy is one of those admirable curators who have been sending out an extensive newsletter for a while now (76 issues in his case!). 😎
Jeremy Hurst
Business Growth
Some of you are probably trying to grow a business and you’re spending a good portion of your free time searching for quality content on how to scale faster in all the right ways. Well, as the saying goes: if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain, right? Instead of spending hours on looking up random articles, check out Ashokamithiran‘s newsletter. In his issues, he talks growth hacking, digital marketing, tech & startups & other value bits. Getting everything you need in your inbox is more efficient than wasting countless hours on the interwebs. 💎
Sayonara! 'Till we meet again 💪
Sayonara! 'Till we meet again 💪
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