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Personal development, bots, entertainment and other 💎

Personal development, bots, entertainment and other 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #17 • View online
Hey y'all! 
Happy Spring! 🌻 Let’s enjoy the weather, catch up on our favorite newsletters and explore new ones 😊
If you have a few spare minutes maybe you’ll find these reads interesting! Recently we wrote about Bob Lefsetz’s newsletter. It is is a fantastic story of how someone who wanted to make his way into the music industry did so by simply betting on his personal digest. 🎵 The story can also inspire you in case you’re an entrepreneur and you want to push your hustle forward with your personal newsletter! You can read the whole piece here
On another note, we also spent some time writing a more technical piece on how we used MJML to implement our Roger theme on Revue. Check it out here! 💻
I sure know I got some interesting digests to read in the coming sunny days 😎

Bots are a very trending topic and that’s no surprise. Given how fast technology is developing, bots are a part of that rapid progress. There’s many different reasons as to why bots are such an exciting topic, especially when we try to figure out what our future is going to look like. That’s why digests like these ones are so vital. Great thing is that Veronica is a true techie at heart and a passionate curator. In the latest issue, you can read about bots that are learning to talk to each other, Microsoft Teams, how alcohol brands are turning to bots for creative marketing and so much more! This newsletter is such an engaging way to keep up with the latest news and trends in the industry. 🤖
Bot! zine - Issue #69
Personal Development
Chasing your dreams and trying to be happy is a difficult task. Many struggle with it throughout their lifetime. So any support by an experienced person is always welcome. Bryan is here to do exactly that for you. Dedicated people who want to help others are true heroes of our everyday lives. In his latest issue, Bryan touches upon a very relevant topic-depression and how to overcome or avoid it in order to achieve your big dream. Truly a powerful piece! 🙌
Newsletter from Bryan Forsythe Wheee hee! Issue 10
Simon is quite entertaining. He’s an artist in his own way and has a YouTube channel where he regularly shares hilarious videos of himself doing different things. Oh, and he’s currently making music for Clarence on Cartoon Network. 😝 If you’re in the mood for a good laugh or some fresh music recommendations, head over to his digest! After all, in his newsletter “he shares things he’s made and other cool stuff he thinks you might like!” 🎊
Panrucker's GOOD STUFF #3
Personal Development
Speaking of personal development, Stacey is another curator who aims to help out her readers with as many productivity, self improvement, job and life tips as she can. Her digest is full of interesting articles on those same topics. Underneath each source she highlights the most important parts or includes a short opinion piece that makes you think about the subject at hand. 🎊
Stacey Durnin - Issue #8
What are the effects of climate change? What impact does it have on our planet? What can we do about it? Well, Laveesh is here to try and answer those questions by providing you with a weekly roundup of the latest news about environmental issues and other educative materials which can easily serve you as the perfect guide on how to improve the environment. The usual structure of the newsletter includes updates on governmental actions, initiatives and in general useful articles. 🌳
Improving Environment - Issue #6
That was it for this week folks! 😜
That was it for this week folks! 😜
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