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Mishegoss Minutes, Tech, Design and other 💎

Mishegoss Minutes, Tech, Design and other 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #8 • View online
Hello there everybody!
First of all, thanks to everyone who voted for Revue to pitch at The Next Web event in New York. You guys are truly the best and we appreciate this so much! 😊
On another note, even though the temperatures outside are dropping substantially, I hope this newsletter manages to warm up your soul at least a little bit and get you in a jolly good mood! 🎊
To quickly sum up: There’s a variety of tech digests in this issue, so for all the techies out there, enjoy! And make sure to click and scroll thoroughly 😉

The Mishegoss Minutes
This digest has various content and it’s all mishegoss. Mark curates daily about different super interesting topics. In his latest issue he’s included a piece about weed trimming, his thoughts on the book “Don’t be afraid of the bullets” written by a war correspondent in Yemen, working remotely & much more! His newsletter is a daily delivery of intriguing content and food for thought! 🤔 Also, he is such passionate curator with a remarkable writing style. He wrote a piece on newsletters and crafting his digest!
It's The Hump Day Morning Mishegoss Minutes - Issue #20
Once I discovered Vidit’s digest, I was hooked right form the start. He writes in such a passionate and inspirational way that I just couldn’t help but open one issue after another…And another. He shares personal experiences, chunks of refreshing wisdom and very structured & engaging content. Bonus: There’s a special tech product featured in every issue-great way to discover new things on the market!
Vidit Shah's - Curated articles, tech products and Learnings of the week, Issue #44
Tech, again 🎊
Mike’s newsletter is just that little present you get every morning once you wake up if you’re a techie. You open your inbox and BAM! Coolest & latest news from the tech world are right there, sitting all nice & cozy in your inbox, waiting for you to simply open and read on. This digest is straight to the point, including the most important and interesting news out there. Truly a 💎!
Morning Tech Report - Issue #7
This digest is all about design. The curator behind the newsletter describes herself as a “Pixel Warrior and Digital Freelancer”. And oh boy, are you in for a ride! Her weekly digest includes beautiful visuals, updates about what cool projects she’s working on and so much more awesome stuff. She also incorporates her super strong GIF game into the issues, which perfectly completes her otherwise awesome newsletter. So go ahead, sign up and make your Mondays more colorful! 😊
HeyDayleWeekly #6 | Keyboard Melting Madness 🔥
Lefto’s digest is just the definition of cool. Another great read for Mondays. Every week you’re provided with a list of amazing songs that you should listen to called “Tracklist of the week”. In addition, you get exclusive news and info about cool upcoming gigs. Absolutely refreshing! 🎵
lefto. - Issue #48
See you in exactly 14 days y'all 👋
See you in exactly 14 days y'all 👋
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Curated with ❤️ by Vessie from Revue. 
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