Let's talk about journalism, Snapchat and some other 💎



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Let's talk about journalism, Snapchat and some other 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #16 • View online
Happy belated International Women’s Day Ladies! 🎊
How are you guys doing? 
Before we move on to the latest selection of excellent Revue newsletters, I want to share something we’ve been working hard on and that some of you might find quite interesting. 
Recently, we conducted research on how the relationship between journalists and their readers is changing in the digital era. Our findings were super interesting and showed that more and more people tend to follow the journalist and their content, rather than the publication they work for. You can read all about it here! 😜
Since we’re on the journalist wave, have you ever wondered how Blendle uses email to distribute news and communicate with its readers? Well, you can find out here 😊 
And last but definitely not least, who follows Trump Daily? We spoke to Arjen van der Horst, US correspondent for NOS about his mind-blowing success behind his daily email digest! He told us about Trump Daily, how he went from 0 to 30,000 subscribers in just 4 weeks, journalism and much more! 🎊
Oh and yeah, we made another kick-ass selection of newsletters for The Next Web about journalism this time. If you’re looking to follow some awesome digests with cool concepts about journalism or news in general, I got just the right list for you right here! 
And now it’s time to explore some exciting newsletters on Revue 😎

Olivia’s newsletter is all about the world of technology. Her background in engineering makes her issues quite insightful and valuable. In the intro, Olivia will usually update you on some recent news from the field or will give you some food for thought. Throughout her issues, she presents trending topics that have to do with technology and innovation. At the end you can always find some useful links, which will make your day that much more interesting. 💻
From Broadway to NASA, Soft Robots in Space
Who’s a heavy user of Snapchat? Do you regularly send awesome snaps to your friends in the wee hours of the night on weekends? Or maybe you just like to read up on the latest news about what’s happening with Snapchat since the company’s such a hot topic ever since its debut? Well, Martha Bremmer is here to make your life that much easier. She curates weekly about what is happening with Snapchat and everything else related to the company 😎
Snapchat - Issue #52
Nowadays, digital marketing is so vital and it’s super important to stay informed on what’s happening in the field, even if you’re not a marketer yourself. That’s why I admire people like Saijo who curate consistently about such relevant topics with so much passion and attention to detail. He makes sure that you get a weekly update of the changes influencing digital marketing with super useful links about SEO, PPC & Social Media. 🙌
tl;dr Marketing #21 : The end of an era, DMOZ is closing down. 👎 emoticon in FB Messenger.
Weekly Roundup
Corey’s one of our awesome top users with 172 issues to date! Whoa, talk about dedication👏 He curates regularly about tech, life-hacks and just plain fun stuff. It truly doesn’t get better than this! The concept of his newsletter is pretty straight froward and to the point - 3 different sections underneath which he summarizes the best of all 3 categories. Keep on rocking Corey! 😎
Weekly Review #172: Wahl O Mat, death as a life constraint, and game career bulders
Aakash is a dedicated entrepreneur and author of “The Rationalist”. In his weekly issues he “rants” about platforms, design, startups and books. What you get out of his awesome weekly email is a ton of useful tips and links for various helpful tools and techniques you probably haven’t heard of so far! This is quite the handy selection of resources in case you’re a hustling entrepreneur yourself 🔥
Visual Thinking, Roadmunk, Tinycards, Roman Pichler, Pipelines and Platforms
'Till next time! 😊
'Till next time! 😊
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Curated with ❤️ by Vessie from Revue.
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