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Just some geography, productivity, growth and other 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #18 • View online
Hey there everybody! 
Hope this email finds you well! 😊
Since you’re here for newsletters, you might be in the mood to read about the stories of some very successful newsletters that eventually became well-known brands. Some will read those articles as entrepreneurial success stories and others will simply enjoy the stories for what they are. In any case, there’s something for everyone. You can read about theSkimm, Clover and MyLittleParis. 😇
Also, in our awesome series Inbox Talks we recently spoke to Steve O'Hear, writer for TechCrunch and Nalden, Co-Founder of WeTransfer about email, newsletters and more! 
Enjoy 😊

Daily Overview recently joined us and we couldn’t be happier about it! Every day they show Earth from above in order to inspire the Overview Effect, highlight human impact, and change the way we see our planet. In the daily newsletter, you get to receive one image of a certain location taken from a bird’s-eye view with exact coordinates and a short text that explains what’s so interesting about this place. The Daily Overview also has a large community and follower base, which you should totally become part of! 😍
This newsletter is all about productivity and enlightening you on topics such as work culture, growth, hiring and the often thought impossible by many hardcore entrepreneurs-work/life balance. Every issue has a catchy title which already hints at what the overall topic will be. This carefully curated digest by Homerun aims to bring as much value as possible and touches upon topics that are not that often discussed sometimes, such as women in Silicon Valley. Oh, and did I mention you can also find a special section for job openings? 😎
How music affects your productivity
Do you feel sometimes that you’re missing out on stuff that go viral or in general hot topics on the interwebs? There’s plenty of places where you see what’s happening, like Facebook for example, but that sometimes seems to be more of a problem than a solution given the abundance of articles that pop up on your feed. Well, Truly Social Inc have taken upon themselves to curate selectively on a daily basis about those exact things and then send what you need to know straight to your inbox. That way you get to know what’s happening with Kendrick Lamar’s new music video, Twitter, Pepsi or Justin Trudeau. Or whatever big thing is happening at the moment. This digest will serve you as the much needed daily distraction we all know you crave. 😝
Conversions mean a lot to businesses worldwide, no matter how small or big they are. Same goes even for your personal brand in a way. And if you’re reading this, you most probably agree with me. In this case, make sure to stay updated on all the important growth news and tips from across the internet and learn more about conversion optimization with Conversion Digest. With each issue, you get several valuable & useful articles, accompanied by a helpful summary which aims to give you an overview of what the actual piece is about. ☑️
Top 6 Blogs for Learning Website Conversion Rate Optimization
This is probably one of the best digest about data out there. It’s a regular newsletter curated by the largest data science community in Europe! In every issue you can find various sections divided by topics with mostly 3 to 4 links. Data Machina covers topics like algorithmic machines, machine automation, robotics, IoT, AI, cyborg/humanoids, machine learning, data science. Data Machina already has 162 issues behind its back so there’s plenty of information you can dive into if you’re feeling hungry for knowledge! 🤖
Data Machina - Issue #111
Hope you found something to your liking! 😊
Hope you found something to your liking! 😊
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Curated with ❤️ by Vessie from Revue.
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