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Future, Tech, VR, Jobs & other gems 💎

Future, Tech, VR, Jobs & other gems 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #7 • View online
Hey there guys! 👻
Thanks to everyone who Tweeted about ‘5 hidden gems 💎’ two weeks ago! You guys are truly the best! 
This week’s selection is all about variety and presenting some really cool newsletters that you should definitely check out. All of them are interesting and helpful in some way so prepare yourself to possibly find your new favorite digest! 🤠
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Leggo! 💥

Future & Tech
Swapnil is a passionate curator with an eye for detail and you can clearly see that in his newsletter. Every week he delivers an exceptional bunch of carefully curated articles about the future. The underlying theme is technology and every issue is spot on. Prepare to be delighted each week by his cool new issue. In his latest one, he talks about future of gaming, Elon Musk, AI, Bots, Fashion & much more. To the subscribe button! 🚀
Futuristic - Issue #4
When you think about it, in one way or another, everything is sales. And by that I mean anything from what you offer to your clients to how you present yourself in the workplace. So, sales is a lot more then just trying to push some product to someone. It’s an art in itself. That’s why in this digest you get more than just the same old ‘tips & tricks’ from the industry. In their latest issue, you can read about boosting your team’s productivity and how to close deals faster. 🙌
The Art of Sales - Issue #17
Coffee & Tech
This is a massive 💎, right here. The description of this digest explains it best “Coffee, business, technology, food and that place where they all intersect.” The newsletter is split in two parts ‘all things coffee’ & ‘not coffee’. The first one is self-explanatory and it just makes me happy because I simply love people who talk & curate about coffee ☕️. The second part is an adventure on its own because it’s often about tech, business and so much more. 
jimseven #12 - It's short, but is it too short?
Virtual Reality
This is just coolness all around. For the past few months, I’ve been getting more & more into VR and this digest is definitely one that I plan to follow. It brings you the latest news from the industry & in general-super cool articles about VR. In their latest issue, some awesome pieces on VR and film-making were included, which got me all excited and before I knew it an hour had past 🤓. And one of the awesome parts about this digest is: 
Photos of people doing super cool VR stuff! 😎
Photos of people doing super cool VR stuff! 😎
Why 3D Will Finally Take Off, Improving 360 Video, Google Daydream, KeyMission 360 (Newsletter #8)
This is for all of you amazing project managers out there! Looking to switch up your job or even career? You’ve always had the dream of one day conquering New York? Well, Chris just might be the person that helps you realize that dream of yours! He curates on a weekly basis project manager job openings at New York technology and startup companies. I think he deserves a round of applause, everybody! 👏
Chris Remus on Twitter: "🔥 Hot off the press: “New York Tech and Startup Project Management Jobs - Issue #21” (via @revue)"
See ya in two weeks! 🎊
See ya in two weeks! 🎊
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Curated with ❤️ by Vessie from Revue. 
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