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Hey there everyone!  I'd like to first say welcome to all of the new subscribers and a big warm than
💎 Explore Kevin Kelly's newsletter
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #3 • View online

Hey there everyone! 
I’d like to first say welcome to all of the new subscribers and a big warm thank you for signing up! I hope you enjoy this digest☺️
September’s finally here. Don’t you get that feeling of excitement once autumn finally arrives? 😁 To be honest, I’m sad to see the summer go, but fall has its positive sides. For example, to me September always feels like a fresh new beginning, the start of something good. 😊
Today, it also means a fresh new set of hidden newsletter gems 💎. In search of new cool ideas and diverse content? Well, my dear friend, you’re in the right place. The newsletters I’ve included this time are here to serve as inspiration for your own new start. 👑

James’s newsletter is simple, structured and it always gives me the most practical and useful info about the digital, product, startup and tech worlds. And that’s why I strongly advise you to check his digest out. He’s a great curator and you can rely on interesting content each and every time! 😎 
Digital, Startups & Tech Roundup - Issue #23 | Revue
This newsletter is about all the latest news and ideas from the world of streaming music. What is great about it is the fact that in every issue there’s a set of articles, which represent the most important updates from the industry. And I get to learn so many things, I wouldn’t usually come across. Take a look! 🎵
Tesla to Release Spotify App Integration | Revue
This time I decided to pick a newsletter that’s about interior design. Lately, Stylizimo has been the digest I’ve been turning to when I want to look at something beautiful. It’s very simplistic, which makes it easy on the eyes. Since I’ve discovered it, it has become a source for inspiration and I must admit I moved a thing or two around my house because of it. 🏘
Is this clothing rack cool or what? | Revue
This one is an absolute delight. This newsletter is curated and put together by Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder and Claudia Lamar. Every Sunday, recommendations of 6 awesome things are waiting for me in my inbox. There’s always a useful tip or something extremely cool in there! I especially enjoy their travel tips. I never really know what new thing I’ll discover in the latest issue, so it kind of feels like opening presents on Christmas morning. 🎄 You just have to check it out! 👀
Travel tip/Brain apps/Frownies/InstantWatcher | Revue
I just really ❤️ this one. I’m a huge fan of travelling and I subscribe to numerous travel newsletters because they brighten up my day and put a smile on my face. A girl can day dream, right?✈️ Undecided Travelers’s digest is perfect if you’re looking for some help with decision making when choosing your next destination or you just want some tips and tricks when on the road. On top of all that, there’s plenty of inspiration to go around from all the interesting articles and cool photos that are in there! 
Undecided Travelers' Digest #6 | Revue
Maldives? Yes. Heaven? Definitely. 😍
Maldives? Yes. Heaven? Definitely. 😍
Did you enjoy this newsletter? Did you find anything interesting? If you’d like to see different categories, let me know! If you’d like to see your newsletter here, just drop me a message by hitting the reply button!
Curated with ❤️ by Vessie from Revue. 
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