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Discover new exciting personal newsletters 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #14 • View online
Hey guys! Welcome to all the new freshly subscribed readers, thank you for signing up! 
This week has been a busy but exciting one since we just launched Discover, an extensive directory full of personal newsletters! If you’re looking for your new favorite digest, just go ahead and browse through our rich collection of amazing newsletters 😊 You can also read all about why we launched this directory and where we got our inspiration from
This week’s selection of newsletters is pretty cool as well, enjoy! 👌

Jonha is a skilled marketer who has previously shared her rich expertise in publications such as Entrepreneur magazine, FastCompany and Business Insider. Her digest is dedicated to helping you improve your marketing strategy and in general growing your business with various tactics. Given her background and solid advice, this newsletter is an absolute must-read if you’re interested in building your brand, marketing your product and growing your company. She already has a massive subscriber list, yet I think a lot more people should know about and follow her regular update! 😊 
How can you turn your employees into brand ambassadors?
Nick makes sure that every week you receive a weekly update on the most important news in the fields of privacy, security, data & other related topics. This extensive overview is brought to you by someone who regularly curates about data with obvious passion and plenty of knowledge on the matter. This is probably one of the most detailed and well curated digests about data! In his latest issue you can read his thoughts on whether America is becoming George Orwell’s nightmare, how does Trump’s ban affect non-US citizen’s data and other relevant topics. 🤓 
DataScan: Issue #18
Personal Development
Who has issues with Mondays? Also, who loves Mondays? Well, regardless of which category you fall into, you’re gonna really like this digest. Giulia has taken upon herself to make your Mondays better if you’re not the biggest fan of the first day of the week or to make your day even better if you’re already on good terms with it 😋 Her digest consists of various useful articles on personal development, music playlists, travel and so much more! 
Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
This digest is about Deep Learning Patterns. The structure of the newsletters usually revolves around strategy, discusses relevant research, provides you with useful tutorials, interesting papers and even code! In the latest issue you can find interesting reads on modular deep learning architecture for AGI, AI’s open source model and a proper intro to machine learning using Tensorflow!👌
Intuition Machine - Issue #9
Personal Development
All the motivation you may need to get yourself to push through the week is right here, in Coach Jeff Grant’s digests. His personal newsletter is a combination of inspiring stories, helpful articles and his personal content which aims to motivate you even further in the journey of self improvement. So look at this weekly newsletter as a a captivating source of regular advice, which aims to help you become a better version of yourself. 🙌 
Coach Jeff Grant's Weekly Digest: Issue #4
And don't forget to check out Discover for more amazing digests! 😋
And don't forget to check out Discover for more amazing digests! 😋
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Curated with ❤️ by Vessie from Revue.
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