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Content, Founders, Marketing and other 💎

Content, Founders, Marketing and other 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #21 • View online
Hey there everyone! 
How have you been? Hope all of you are doing good 😊 
This month was a busy one again and we wrote quite some useful articles. We wrote about why you should set up a subdomain for your newsletter and thought about whether newsletter subscriptions will make FB Instant Articles worth for publishers; we also made a list of the best newsletters by women and for women and thought about what we can all learn from the OMGLord newsletter.
We also made a selection of newsletters for designersarticle one and two about lifestyle newsletters;  another selection of newsletters about news and journalism; we’re particularly proud of our Definitive Guide To Personal Newsletters and finally wrote a lengthy article about the most common mistakes bloggers make with their newsletters and how to fix them!
Plenty of cool stuff to catch up on if you have a few spare minutes today 😜 
And now let’s show you some awesome Revue newsletters 💪

Quuu is a service that offers you hand-curated content suggestions for social media and there’s a big chance you’re familiar with them since they’re an awesome company. They also have a newsletter in which they share some of the best content that has crossed their platform. Quuu’s newsletter feels more personal and you can count on high-quality content about various topics like marketing, social media, writing and much more 🔥
Have you heard of Product Hunt? Yeah, thought so; who hasn’t? Well, Ryan Hoover, the founder of Product Hunt sends out his awesome newsletter through Revue. In his digest he shares what he’s currently reading, listening to, and what he finds interesting in general. So expect some rad music suggestions straight from his playlists as well as interesting insights about different topics. 🔥
Ryan Hoover
In need of some content marketing advice? Given that content marketing is “king” recently, receiving advice and expert knowledge from an experienced content marketing strategist is super valuable. Every week Ilia brings you a bunch of useful materials and his own thoughts on SEO, writing, email, social media and strategy. He opens up every issue with a ‘pick of the week’ so you have plenty to choose from when deciding what to read up on. 😎
Content Marketing Weekly
Jessica Williams (or techbizgurl) provides a “weekly roundup of the best resources, inspiration, and tools for side hustlers” as she puts it. Each Sunday she delivers a new batch of gems to your inbox. Jess writes and shares some of her personal pieces and adds a lot of other interesting articles that have to do with various topics such as useful tools for your marketing strategy, personal developments and so on! 💪
#jesspicks 👩🏾‍💻
Rocumentaries have a pretty creative concept going on that is all about giving you a collection of suggestions for engaging documentaries that you probably haven’t seen until now or are trending currently. Topics variate, but the best part is that there is a direct link to all of the documentaries so you can watch the movies in just a few clicks. Best part is the curators also include a brief summary of what each film is about. ✌️ 
Rocumentaries 📼
B-bye! See ya'll in 2 weeks ✌️
B-bye! See ya'll in 2 weeks ✌️
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