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Coffee, AI, Tech and other 💎

Coffee, AI, Tech and other 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #19 • View online
Hey there everyone! 👋
First things first. We’re partially changing the formats of our own monthly and bi-weekly newsletters. And just so you know, no hard feelings if you don’t fancy this digest and you unsubscribe. Also, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about this newsletter at any time 😜
For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Vessie, part of the Revue team, and I’ve been curating this digest for a while now. The best way I can summarize what this newsletter’s all about: a bi-weekly digest that will provide you with a fresh set of 5 Revue newsletters that you might’ve missed out on. Sometimes I will also include cool stuff in the intro that we’ve been doing at Revue or articles we wrote that I thought would be interesting to read. Like this one. Or this one. Oor this one 🤓
And this specific issue of the newsletter is a special one. Even though, some of the digests below have been featured before, this time alone, some of our top users are being featured once again in order to show some of the coolest Revue newsletters. 💯
Oh, and how was your Easter? I really hope everyone got what they needed from the holidays. 🥚🎊

Matt Perger puts it best when describing the newsletter: “Views and news about the brews”. So if you’re a coffee enthusiast or already part of the industry in some way, then Barista Hustle is just the right digest for you. Everything exciting, new or simply important that is happening in the coffee world you will read about in every new issue. In addition, what makes the Barista Hustle newsletter so special is the fact that the writers touch upon relevant issues that concern everyone in the coffee industry. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about Matt Perger, the founder of Barista Hustle, read up on this interview with him! ☕️
Barista Hustle
This newsletter is curated weekly by Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder and Claudia Dawson. The three legendary curators write about cool gadgets, tools, tips and techniques for various things. The newsletter is divided into small sections to which every writer contributes their own “tip” and explains briefly in a few sentences what it’s all about. Believe me, this newsletter will let you in on stuff that you wouldn’t have found yourself and you most probably don’t know about. 💯
Nathan is a technologist and a former research scientist. His newsletter is all about artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s an extensive overview of what has been happening lately with technology and all the relevant news surrounding the field. Nathan curates about research, resources and VC financings and exits in separate sections of the newsletter. An absolute must read if you’re an AI enthusiast yourself! 🤖
Nathan Benaich
Speaking of technology, Azeem is one of our top users and he’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to technological advances. In The Exponential View, Azeem curates weekly about technology, business models, political economy & in general society. From every new issue you can expect news, and interesting topics for discussion with plenty of valuable and useful sources to enrich your knowledge on different subjects. 👌
Azeem Azhar: The Exponential View
Foodworks is a very cool newsletter about interesting stuff happening in the food industry. Those news may vary from food (duh!), festivals, apps, companies and lots more! If you’re a foodie and are interested in everything in between food and eating, then this just might be the right newsletter for you. 🍔  
The Foodworks
Welcome again everyone and see you again in two weeks! 😜
Welcome again everyone and see you again in two weeks! 😜
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Curated with ❤️ by Vessie from Revue.
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