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Bots, Food, Inspiration, Money & other 💎s

Bots, Food, Inspiration, Money & other 💎s
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #24 • View online
Hey all! 👋
First, I gotta share some news with you. From now on this bi-weekly update will change its pace and it is still unknown whether the format will change. However, feel free to ping us at any point about anything, as usual 😉
Anyways, in this issue, I’ve included 6 and not 5 newsletter 💎s because hey, why not? 😜 They were just too good not to include all at once! 
I also wanted to let you know that if you’re looking for tools to help you out with content curation when it comes to your newsletter, you should definitely check out our piece about Instapaper. Also, Revue’s founder Martijn de Kuijper wrote a splendid article about why VCs should have newsletters
So let’s not waste anymore time and get right to the awesome selection of newsletters for this week! 🎊

This newsletter is a compilation of thoughts and opinions about conversational interface. It’s about bots so if you happen to be interested, check it out! Ish is the curator of Tars’s newsletter. And Tars is a company that helps you create chatbots to replace your regular old webforms. In every issue, what you can expect is a bunch of updates about the bots being developed, hilarious GIFs and some personal thoughts shared by Ish himself. Basically, you get entertained while you learn. Jokes aplenty. 😜
Ish from Tars
Jonathan uses his newsletter to make your life better. He has a weekly digest in which he shares inspirational thoughts, ideas to improve his friends’ lives and everything he includes has the purpose of helping people lead a better life. Usually, his issues contain tons of valuable advice on books and websites for self-improvement, inspirational quotes and in general plenty of materials that will pump you up, excite you and inspire you to take action. 💪
Jonathan 'Yoni' Frenkel
This digest is called TestingCatalog and it’s a handpicked selection of the best applications out there for beta testing. This weekly roundup consists of the best apps chosen throughout that week, updates about the industry and then several links which are for you to enjoy over a cup of coffee or tea when you have the time to learn more about what’s happening in the world of apps. Every issue begins with a detailed intro, where the curator summarizes the most important topics so you’ll know what to focus on if you’re on the go or in a hurry! 🎁
This newsletter is not exactly about food recipes or restaurant recommendations. However, it is a carefully curated digest about food related startups with a specific focus on Barcelona. With BCN Food Digest you first get an update about what’s happening with food startups in Barcelona, then a round of updates about food startups on a larger, global scale and in the end a nice selection of materials about food you might want to read up on 🍔. 
BCN Food Digest
Money & Life
Minki is founder of WINii and her goal is to help you get your financial life in order and on track! In her regular digest, Minki includes the latest podcast episode from the WINii website, where she discusses topics like “how to negotiate a higher salary” and many other similar themes. Minki’s newsletter is about exploring mindfulness, money and everything that comes in between. In addition, she includes links to useful articles or TED talk videos to give you some ideas and more in depth understanding of how to own and rule your financial life. 🤑 
Minki Jung
The Creative Industry
Clint has a unique newsletter. Every Friday he delivers a carefully put together selection of the most important updates from the creative industry. He provides his readers with links and news from the fields of cinema, filmmaking & video production. Topics like marketing & advertising are part of the mix as well sometimes. There are various fascinating news and cool recommendations throughout his issues. Clint is an experienced cinematographer, director and editor so what he shares with his audience is definitely worth a read! 🎥
Clint Till
See ya! It's been a pleasure ❤️
See ya! It's been a pleasure ❤️
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