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Another batch of newsletter 💎s

Another batch of newsletter 💎s
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #15 • View online
Hey there!  Many thanks to everyone who reached out to share their favorite personal newsletters on Discover with me! Our directory, which is full of all kinds of exciting email digests is pretty awesome so if you still haven’t checked it out, make sure to head over and take a peek! 👀Since there are extremely cool newsletters on there, we wrote a piece on some of the best newsletters by women for women and one for quite the creative design digests. 👌And today, here’s the newest selection of some of the freshest digests on Revue! 😋 

Rudy is a futurist and a humanist among many other things. In his newsletter, he looks at a variety of topics like health, politics, society, climate change and more. The main focus of the digest is technology and how it affects different aspects of life and the world in general. Each issue is an extensive overview of what is happening at the moment and what is coming next. 👏
Building meaningful futures - Issue #10
This daily update of the most important news in tech is concise and straight to the point. Usually there are at least 8 stories that aim to keep you informed, oftentimes with commentary. This is the perfect digest to read when you want to know what is happening in the world of Amazon, Whatsapp and other trending companies. With Comunicano you can easily stay updated on the hottest news while on the go 😝
The Comunicano for Wednesday February 22 2017
Hung Lee curates regularly about the topic of hiring. He describes his digest as “brainfoood for the week”. Inside you can find an abundance of articles that familiarize you with the process of recruiting and everything in-between. Whether you want to know more about helpful techniques, resources or work culture, this is the newsletter for you! 🖊
Want to know more about branding? Need helpful advice such as how much you should be getting paid? Look no further! Opello is all about providing as much value to its readers about branding as possible. The goal of the digest is to help you develop your skills even more! 💪
Skim read of the week | Branding by OPELLO™ - Issue #9
This is for all the foodies out there! Michelle delivers you a fresh set of tasty new recipes, advice and summaries of the best cooking stories with each issue. Plus, there are always beautiful visuals that pretty much make you drool over your keyboard! Don’t miss this weekly dose of deliciousness 🍰
What's Cooking, Best in Food Show, & James Beard Noms!
Au Revoir! 👋
Au Revoir! 👋
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