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5 hidden gems 💎

Hello there, lovely people!  First things first, I really want to thank every single one of you for s
5 hidden gems 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #2 • View online
Hello there, lovely people! 
First things first, I really want to thank every single one of you for subscribing to my newsletter! Also, I want to give special thanks to @jakeapeters@abhishekaggy, @jordyvdboom for your kind words! I’m really grateful for all your positive feedback after the first issue
This week I decided to have a little theme going on in here. Summer’s almost over and I desperately want to preserve the good vibes in the coming months. What better way to do so than finding some inspiration in the cool newsletters that pass through our platform daily! 
So without further ado, I hope you’re enjoying the last weeks of summer and I hope you find something that inspires you below! 💝 

The startup world is a hectic one and sometimes you just need a little bit of inspiration and motivation form the outside to help your creative spirit. So it happens, “Eindhoven Startups” are doing just that. Plus, you get to learn about interesting events from the industry. That is quite useful especially for people based in the Netherlands, like myself. Stay up to date with those, you never know what awaits you at one of the events! 👍
While I was searching for my new 5 hidden gems, I randomly opened Kosta’s newsletter. I started to go through every issue he had sent out and I just couldn’t stop. What I love about this digest is that I receive a creative list of 5 inspirational ad campaigns daily that manage to grab my attention every time. If you haven’t subscribed to his newsletter yet, you should do so asap! Just check it out! 🙌
Inspiring Campaigns of the Day | Revue
Jordy is a senior UX designer and he knows what he’s talking about! You see that in his attention to quality and detail. In this particular issue, he focuses more on product design. He presents his readers with product design pages, articles and also there’s some talk about methods in UX desgin itself in there. BOOM!  🌟
Jordy van den Boom - Issue #2 | Revue
Let me share something with you. I don’t like to cook but I’m a major foodie. The struggle is real, I know. 😭 That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I found Tastefully’s newsletter. It actually succeeded at making me get off my couch and inspired me to go try some stuff in the kitchen. Their issues include news from the industry, awesome lists related to food and super interesting facts. Did I mention all the mouth watering photos they carefully curate in their digest? So, if this can get me to cook with enthusiasm, it can definitely inspire you in some way! You should see for yourself!
Look at this toast. This toast is life! 🍞
Look at this toast. This toast is life! 🍞
Tastefully - 08.20.16 | Revue
So Cherie tends to make me giggle every time I open her digest. She just does. Plus, she completely won me over once I saw her avid support for weirdness and weird people, much like myself. You go girl! 👑 Anyways, she writes about music, creativity, potatoes and some other cool stuff. Her newsletter is a fabulous combination of delightfully informational things and a healthy doze of cheeky humor. Seriously, check it out, you won’t regret it! 😊
The end of a microscopic era. | Revue

Did you enjoy this newsletter? Did you find anything interesting? If you’d like to see different categories, let me know! If you’d like to see your newsletter here, just drop me a message by hitting the reply button!
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