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5 hidden gems 💎

Hello all!  I really wanted to share some of the amazing content that many of our users curate. That'
5 hidden gems 💎
By Vessie from Revue • Issue #1 • View online
Hello all! 
I really wanted to share some of the amazing content that many of our users curate. That’s why I decided to take up on the role of the “newsletter explorer” as I like to call it and go on a treasure hunt every two weeks. So, enjoy and please know that any feedback is welcome! Maybe you want to see more newsletters from a certain field or you just want to give us some love. In any case, feel free to drop me a message by simply hitting reply! I’m always happy to hear your thoughts!
I hope you enjoy! 

We are a startup ourselves. Thus, I know how vital news and creative tips from the industry are. Since a lot of startups use our platform and follow us on social media, I thought it will be useful to share some entrepreneurial updates weekly. That way we can all stay on top of our game. Check this newsletter out. It is full of carefully curated insights and ideas that might inspire you.
August, week 2 | Revue
Yum, yum. This is by far one of my favorite weekly newsletters. I mean every time this digest is opened by someone in the office, you can hear drooling people talking deliciousness of different kinds. It’s quite distracting when it comes to productivity, but so worth it. Just check this picture as a preview. Anyone hungry already? 
Weekly food photo digest | Revue
It’s a fact that nowadays less and less people read paper copy books. For that matter, the number of people reading in general is decreasing. That’s partially understandable, given how little time everyone has because of the hectic 21st century lifestyle. The good people at Autotelic have manged to provide a solution to this problem. Their digests are always enjoyable, educational and concise. Just take 15-20 minutes every other week out of your busy schedule and catch up on some valuable reading!
The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon  | Revue
Is there any chance you feel like you know the songs on your playlist by heart? Well, we’ve all been there. In order to spice thing up a bit you probably go to Google and search something like “50 best songs of all time”, yet you are not happy with the results. Maybe right now you’re even feeling like experimenting with your playlist a bit? We, at the office, have the same struggles daily. That’s why we were so happy to find this gem by 22 Tracks! Now we get new music recommendations every other week, which is pretty awesome.
From 22tracks to you - 11 tracks to discover now | Revue
If you have a career in design or you are just generally interested in the field, you should definitely take a look at this digest. It’s simple, short and it gives you updates about what is happening in the industry. Set your creative spirit free! 
Design Letter - 8.8.16 | Revue
Did you enjoy these newsletters? Did you find anything interesting? If you’d like to see different categories, let me know! If you’d like to see your newsletter here, just drop me a message by hitting the reply button! 

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